Personalised Growth Chart

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Family height charts are a wonderful way to capture and commemorate the growth milestones of your little ones. These keepsake charts allow you to visually track their height over time, creating a tangible record of their growth that you can cherish for years to come.

Each height chart is designed, laser cut and engraved for a perfect finish. Whether you move house, repaint or you are renting, these height charts are perfect to keep your families heights safe and can go wherever you go.

  • Material: Natural 3mm Plywood
  • Dimension: 14cm width
  • Safety: Please note these are for keepsake purpose and are not to be used for as a toy.
  • Application: We recommend using 3M velcro strips to attach to the wall. Measure 40cm above ground level. Product does not come with any adhesive/velcro.